On the wind swept plains of times gone by
the mythical dragon ruled minds with fear and trepidation
Only courageous knights armed with skill and attitude triumphed
Dragons still exist today, but in shapes not as recognisable
They plague the global village of business in different forms from treacherous competitive environments to mammoth change projects
Let our firm complement your own team of expertise and together harness the power of your dragons

At a glance

Hunting Dragons is a management consulting company, established in 2008, providing both the management and the skills to deliver solutions and strategies for business challenges.

The company’s key areas of expertise include:

  • The strategic design of route to market processes. In other words, once a product has been produced, getting it to the consumer in the most efficient and effective manner possible;
  • Business strategy, design, and rehabilitation.

Our Approach

The Hunting Dragon’s uniqueness, creativity, and passion enable us to make a real difference in the projects with which we are involved.

Our Experience

Wrapped up within Hunting Dragon’s Consulting is a wealth of experience at cutting edge companies in the fields of supply chain management, sales, distribution, warehousing and human resources. This enables us to add real value in a broad spectrum of projects and companies.

Internship Programme

Hunting Dragons has developed an internship programme together with the Industrial Engineering Department of Stellenbosch University. The objective of the internship programme is to share our professional experience with students whilst challenging them with real world logistical problems as a pathway to their Masters degrees. To add value to this partnership, Hunting Dragons involves them in ongoing consultancy projects.


Complex Modelling
  • Gravity modelling to determine distribution footprint
  • Channel margin analysis
  • Distributor compensation models
  • Owner Driver compensation models
  • Full depot resourcing models (heads, resources, trucks, etc.)
  • Cost to serve modelling and mapping
  • Blue Sky; 10 Year Business Plans
  • Operational Audits for all aspects of business
  • Country outlet census (including apps & analysis)
Sales Solutions
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Sales force structures
  • In trade execution
Bussiness Strategy
  • Route to market design
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Competitive interventions
  • Organisational design
  • Pricing strategies
  • Complete business design (from conceptualisation to implementation)
Training Interventions

    Our Training Courses

    Owner Driver (OD) Training
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    Owner Driver (OD) Training

    • Context of the OD Scheme (Understanding the Process)
    • Agreement / Contract Management
    • Contractor’s Competencies Requirements
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the Business/Financial Advisor
    • Owner Driver Compensation
    • Managing Business Results
    • Risk, Insurance and Maintenance
    • Compliance with Statutory Obligations
    • Financial Management (Cash Flow, Income, Balance Sheet)
    • Driver Selection Criteria
    • Vehicle Selection Criteria and Work Demand
    • Compensation Model/ Training
    • Business KPIs
    • Owner Driver KPIs
    • Business Process Flow
    • Administrator Business Requirements

    Distributor Training
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    Distributor Training

    • Contract Review
    • Overview and Understanding the Sales Universe
    • Operational Excellence
    • Warehousing
    • Stock Management
    • Fleet Management
    • General Housekeeping
    • Health and Safety Management
    • Resourcing – Human Resources & Labour
    • Customer Service Overview
    • Forklift and Asset Controls
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Customer Base Authentication and Review
    • Distribution KPIs
    • Business Advisor and KPIs Review

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    • Warehousing Optimisation
    • Stock Management
    • Risk Management
    • Safety Programme
    • Load Repartition
    • Signage
    • Key Processes
    • KPIs

    Risk Management
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    Risk Management

    • Induction for all Staff
    • Company Standards Updated
    • Legal Compliance
    • Company Policies Updated and Relevant
    • Municipal by Laws
    • Production/Sales 40 Point Check
    • Living Safety System
    • Business Continuity Plan for each Department
    • Record Keeping

    Sales Training
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    Sales Training

    • Sales Induction
    • Customer Base Updated and Implemented
    • Sales Rep Tools of the Trade Training
    • KPI Training
    • Sales Targets and Volume Analysis

    Logistics Training
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    Logistics Training

    • Strategic Overview
    • Distribution Excellence
    • Risk Management
    • Contractor Management
    • Customer Service
    • Warehouse and Stock Management
    • Management Tools and Reporting
    • Post-Course Projects

    Training tailored to your specification



The dragon hunters

Mark Eames

Senior Consultant and Owner
+27(0) 82 928 1238

Janti Kriel

+27(0) 74 139 9582

Dolf Loots

Junior Consultant
+27(0) 73 083 2020

Leandra Minnie

+27(0) 21 851 4541


Update on Hunting Dragons Interns
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Mark Eames

Mark holds a Bsc Eng (Civil) degree Wits, South Africa, and gained experience in various management positions in the brewing industry. His expertise is in the field of route to market, complete business development as well as business turn around strategies and FMCG business optimisation (warehousing, distribution, site flow). Client portfolio includes AB Ltd, SABMiller Africa, ABI, Kalahari.net, RGBC, Edward Snell & Co, MIH, Here be Dragons, Villiers Garage, Awestruck Studios, Woolworths, SABCO Nairobi Bottler Ltd, SABCO Namibia Bottling Company & De Beers Supply Chain, Dashen Breweries (Ethiopia), ABInbev, Coca Cola Beverages Africa, Distell, Red Bull, Campari, Kaap Agri, Illovo, Project Last Mile.

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Janti Kriel

Janti is currently employed as an Associate Consultant focusing on operational improvement and strategy development driven by business analytics. Before being employed as a junior consultant in August 2016, he completed a 15-month internship while obtaining his MEng in engineering management [awarded December 2016]. His thesis focused on route to market strategies for FMCG businesses in developing countries. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic engineering.

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Dolf Loots

Dolf completed a 2-year internship programme at HDC while doing a master’s degree in engineering management through the University of Stellenbosch. Dolf was appointed as a junior consultant at HDC from 2 January 2018. Dolf also holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Stellenbosch. Dolf’s masters research-based thesis focussed on determining how an ideal distributor should operate and be compensated and his current expertise are focussed on supply chain and business analytics and modelling.

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Leandra Minnie

Leandra holds a BComm (Accounting) from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and gained expertise in payroll, creditors, general ledger & income statement during 12 years of consulting with numerous clients.

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Update on Hunting Dragons Interns

Danelle Roos completed a 6 month internship with Hunting Dragons Consulting in August 2015 and was awarded a first class honours upon completion of her studies. Currently Danelle holds the position of Engineer in Training in the Operations Excellence division of Sasol Mining in Secunda.

Jacques Swart completed his internship with the company at the beginning of 2016 and currently holds the position of Engineer-in-Training (Industrial) in the Plant Engineering division of Eskom at Megawatt Park, Johannesburg.

Dolf Loots completed a 2-year internship programme at HDC while doing a master’s degree in engineering management through the University of Stellenbosch.

Janti Kriel completed a 15-month internship while obtaining his MEng in engineering management [awarded December 2016].



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